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Welcome to Raha by Natureland

The first organic restaurant in the region
by the first organic brand in the Middle East
founded in 1996

Our goal is to be completely organic
Any ingredients not yet organic are indicated.

Thank you for your visit.


Eggs Benedict
On Toasted Wholegrain Bread- All Organic
5,9 KD (540 Cal)

Omelet with Cheese
Raha Wholegrain Bread – All Organic
4,8 KD (550 Cal)

Eggs Sunny Side Up with Green Salad
Raha Wholegrain Bread – All Organic
3,5 KD (470 Cal) Add egg 750 fils

Scrambled Eggs
Raha Wholegrain Bread – All Organic
4 KD (410 Cal)

Hot Toasted Oatmeal
Served with Maple Syrup
3,6 KD add Organic Banana 1 KD (420 Cal w/banana)

Wholegrain Organic Waffle
Served with Maple Syrup
3,3 KD (490 Cal) Add organic fruits 1,5 KD

Almond Butter Pizza
Hot Pizza Topped with Almond Butter and Chocolate Pieces
4,5 KD (880 Cal)

Peanut Butter Pizza
Hot Pizza Topped with Peanut Butter and Honey
3 KD (730 Cal) Add organic banana 1 KD


Quinoa Tabboula
4 KD (420 Cal)

Green Salad
Balsamic or Honey Mustard
3,6 KD (140 or 170 Cal) add feta cheese 300 fils per piece

Curried Cranberry Quinoa Salad
All Organic
4,25 KD (360 Cal)

Quinoa Salad with Lentils
3 KD (310 Cal)

Italian Caprese Salad
Arugula – Mozzarella – Pesto – Olive Oil – Balsamic Vinegar
Small 4,75 KD (310 Cal) Large 8,75 KD (570 Cal)

Nicoise Salad
Tuna – Egg – Greens – Olives
4,75 KD (300 Cal)

Beets and Corn Salad
4,35 KD (370 Cal)


Vegetable Platter for Dipping
Spinach Feta Dip 2,25 KD (220 Cal) – Hummous 1 KD (130 Cal) – Mutabbal 1 KD (100 Cal)
2,50 KD (70 Cal)

Grape Leaves w/Brown Rice
Organic except for leaf and one spice
2,75 KD (670 Cal)

Hummus Tahineh
2,5 KD (330 Cal)

2,5 KD (320 Cal)

Whipped Feta Bruschetta
Served on toasted country bread
3,65 KD (5 x 90 Cal)

Artichoke Bruschetta
Toasted Country bread slices with chopped artichoke and shaved parmesan cheese
4,10 KD

Tomato Bruschetta
Toasted Country bread slices with tomato salsa and spanish olive oil
2,25 KD

Assorted Bruschetta
A combination of 2 slices of tomato, 2 feta, 1 artichoke bruschetta in a toasted country bread slices
3,30 KD


Mozzarella Tomato Pesto
All organic
3,3 KD (290 Cal)

Tuna Salad Sandwich
Rio brand tuna. All other ingredients organic.
3 KD (460 Cal)

Avocado Salad Sandwich
Organic Four Grain or No Gluten Bread
3,40 KD (290 Cal)

Churky Sandwich
Thin slices of roasted chicken
3,40 KD (300 Cal)

Greek Salad Sandwich
Greens, Feta, Olives, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Vinaigrette
3,50 KD (300 Cal)

Quinoa Tabboulah and Hummus Sandwich
Greens, Feta, Olives, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Roasted Bell Peppers
3,15 KD (290 Cal)

Hot Sandwiches

Hot Steak and Cheese
All organic ingredients, Gluten Free, Lactose Free
6,25 KD (650 Cal)

Raha Baked Falafel
Served with GF bread, tahineh sauce, tomatoes. tabboulah, and cabbage
3 KD (570 Cal)

Raha Cheese Burger
5 KD (720 Cal)


Fruit Muesli Cup
All Organic
1,75 KD (250 Cal)

Dairy Free Chia Pudding
With Organic Coconut and Bananas
1,5 KD (320 Cal)

Barley Pudding with Honey
Hulled barley with Acacia Honey and bourbon vanilla
1,65 KD

Hummus to Go
All Organic
1,75 KD (330 Cal)

2,50 KD (320 Cal)

Quinoa Salad with Lentils 
3 KD (310 Cal)

Quinoa Tabboula
4 KD (420 Cal)


Tiny Bowl Umami Mushroom Soup
Organic except for one type of mushrooms
2,6 KD (140 Cal)

Creamy Tomato Soup
No Gluten – No Dairy – All Organic
3 KD (160 Cal)

Oat Soup with Vegetables
2 KD (220 Cal)

Lentil Soup
2,25 KD (160 Cal)

Chicken Noodle Soup
8,25 KD



Buckwheat Kasha with Cabbage
Gluten free source of protein for vegetarians.
2,5 KD (400 Cal)

Mushroom Parmesan Pasta
All organic except for sage leaves
5,75 KD (550 Cal) Available w/o gluten.

Spaghetti in Creamy Tomato Sauce
All Organic – Spelt – LF Cheese
4,5 KD (770 Cal/ 720 without parmesan)

Brown Rice Risotto with Mushrooms
All organic or wildcrafted ingredients
6 KD (500 Cal)

Garlic Buckwheat Pasta
Buckwheat fusilli pasta with fresh garlic, fresh parsley et Spanish olive oil with parmesan cheese
3,75 KD (700 Cal)

Butter Parmesan Pasta 
Spelt spaghetti pasta with organic cashew cream, butter and parmesan cheese
3,95 KD 

Organic Spinach Florentine
Sautéed organic spinach, butter, fresh garlic
2,60 KD

Organic Sautee’d Mushrooms
Organic mushrooms, butter, fresh garlic and italian olive oil
1,50 KD 

Organic Broccoli
Organic broccoli florets
1 KD  


Lemon Butter Hamour served with Riceberry Rice
We avoid farmed fish
8,95 KD (550 Cal)

Indian Style Curried Shrimp
Served with Raha Four Grain or No Gluten Bread
9,75 KD (760 Cal)

Spicy Kuwaiti Shrimp Murabian with Rice
Shrimp and tamarind not Organic
6,75 KD (600 Cal)


Chicken Kebob Skewer
Served with Riceberry and Jasmine Brown Rice
Breasts 7 KD (770 Cal)

Lemon Butter Chicken with Spelt Spaghetti
7,5 KD (890 Cal)


Cheeseburger on GF Bun
Organic Meat – No Gluten Bun – LF Cheese
5 KD (Thick Bun 830 Cal – Thin Bun 750 Cal)

Philly Steak and Cheese on GF Bun
Organic Meat – No Gluten Bun – LF Cheese
6,25 KD (650 Cal )

Sirloin Steak with Mashed Potatoes
All ingredients organic
10,5 KD (810 Cal )
Spaghetti Bolognese
Spelt spaghetti pasta topped with Bolognese meat sauce and parmesan cheese
4,75 KD (830 Cal )


Oven Fries
1,75 KD (310 Cal) 

Cheese Fries
2,5 KD (420 Cal)

Buckwheat Kasha
2 KD (300 Cal)

Jasmine Brown Rice
550 fils (270 Cal)

Riceberry (black) Rice
700 fils (280 Cal) Add honey 300 fils

Mashed Potatoes
3,25 KD (350 Cal)


Crispy Margheritta Pizza
All Organic
3,5 KD (410 Cal)

Crispy Sauteed Mushroom Pizza
All Organic – Personal Size
4,3 KD (420 Cal)

Garden Pizza
Personal Size
7 KD (450 Cal)

Tomato Basil Pizza
5,30 (450 Cal)

Feta Spinach Salad Pizza
3,75 (460 Cal)

Extra Toppings

Cheese 350 fils -Tomato Sauce 200 fils – Mushrooms 300 fils
Olives 400 fils – Artichokes 1,5 KD – Double Dough 200 fils
Onions 200 fils – Dried Tomatoes 600 fils – Parmesan Cheese 350 fils
Feta Cheese 350 fils – Spinach 600 fils – Egg 550 fils – Arugula 400 fils
Non-Gluten Dough 150 fils


Curried Shrimp Calzone
Local Shrimp – All ingredients organic
6 KD (690 Cal)

Triangular Organic Spinach Calzone
Large 3 KD (400 Cal) Small 1,75 KD (190 Cal)

Feta and Fresh Organic Spinach Salad Calzone
3,40 KD (450 Cal)

Open Face Za’tar and Olive Oil
Za’tar and Sumac not Organic
1,25 KD (530 Cal)

Open Face Vegan Labnah Manousha
With Tomatoes, Olives, and Mint. All Organic
2,80 KD (490 Cal)

Halloumi Calzone
Halloumi and Za’tar Leaves not Organic
2,25 KD

Italian Inspired Organic Cheeses Calzone
Large 4,75 KD (620 Cal) Small 2 KD (260 Cal)


Dairy Free Chia Pudding
With Organic Coconut and Bananas
1,5 KD (320 Cal)

No Gluten Pecan Pie
pecans not organic – whole organic sweeteners
3,5 KD

GF Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream
2,5 KD add Chocolate Sauce 500 fils

Organic Coupe Danmark
vanilla ice cream with homemade chocolate sauce – Sauce may be replaced with fresh strawberries
 2,75 KD 

Wholegrain Waffle
with Ice Cream and House Chocolate Sauce – All Ingredients Organic
4,9 KD

Barley Pudding with Honey 
Hulled barley with Acacia Honey and bourbon vanilla
1,65 KD


Glacier Water
Sparkling – Still
330ml 1 KD
750ml 1,5 KD

O.FIZZ Organic Drinks
Ginger Ale
Lemon Soda
Rhaspberry Soda
Orange Soda
Guarana Cola
Mate Tea
1 KD

Organic Fruit Juice

Mango with Apple
Forest Berry
1 KD

Organic Vegetable Juices

Carrot Juice
Apple Mango Juice
Beet Juice
Mixed Vegetable Juice

Twenty C
Twenty days of true vitamin C
with acerola and blueberry
3 KD


Hot Chocolate
Homemade Organic Chocolate Mix
1,95 KD (190 Cal)

Organic Coffee

Organic Americano
Organic Espresso
Organic Machiato
1,10 KD add Vanilla Ice Cream 900 fils (190 Cal)

Organic Latte
Organic Cappucino
Organic Chociato
1,65 KD

Organic Teas

Field Herbs
Masala Chai
Indian Grey
1,10 KD

Raha Bakery Menu


Rye Arabic bread (2 pcs)
0,750 FILS

Four grain Arabic bread (2 pcs)
0,800 FILS

No Gluten Arabic bread (2 pcs)
0,900 FILS

Spelt Arabic bread (2 pcs)
0,900 FILS

Barley Arabic bread (2 pcs)
0,900 FILS


9 Cheese Samboosas
2,200 KD

9 Spinach Samboosas (v)
2,200 KD

9 Vegetables Samboosas (v)
2,200 KD

9 Meat Samboosas
2,500 KD

10 Veggie spring rolls (v)
2,500 KD

12 Assorted mini fatayir
3,950 KD


Spinach triangle (v)
1,850 KD

Thin Spinach wrap
1,950 KD

Zuchini salad (v)
1,950 KD

Za’tar Mankousha (v)
1,400 KD

Baked falafil (v)
2,250 KD

Fresh thyme (v)
2,550 KD

Turkish pide with vegetables 
2,600 KD

Fresh thyme and halloumi 
1,950 KD

Halloumi with thyme and tomato
1,850 KD

Akkawi cheese
1,550 KD

Three Eastern cheeses
1,850 KD

Eastern cheeses with chopped salad
1,950 KD

Broccoli express envelope
2,950 KD

Italian cheeses with parsley
2,750 KD


Lamb arousa
2,350 KD

Lamb and cheese aroussa
2,600 KD

Turkish lahmacan
1,850 KD

Pulled chicken wrap
3,000 KD


2,500 KD

Sauteed mushrooms
3,250 KD

A world of vegetables
3,600 KD

Zainas’ olive and mushroom
3,650 KD

Chickpea, feta and olive with arugula
3,500 KD

Raha pepperoni
3,250 KD

Dairy free wild salmon
3,250 KD

Palestinian chicken mousakhan
2,950 KD